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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here we go, the true test - beef tenderloin steaks sous vide.  And the result? W!

I never did show what the inside of this thing looks like.  Here are the bacon-wrapped tenderloins, snug in their warm water oven:

They were cooked at 133 degrees for about an hour.

While they cooked I mostly:
1. Had a glass of wine
2. Read a book
And then
3. blanched and drained peapods
4. sauteed mushrooms in butter with thyme and truffle salt
5. seared the steak
6. then re-warmed the peapods in the juices from the meat

After the hour was up I seared the steak in a skillet with butter, to give it some color and crisp up the bacon.

Here is the finished tenderloin with peapods and mushrooms sauteed with thyme and truffle salt.  (I am becoming absolutely addicted to truffle salt.)

The middle, still pink.  In the cookbook "Sous Vide for the Home Cook" it set medium-rare at 130 degrees, so I bumped it up to 133.  Could've let it go longer than an hour and a few minutes, but we were hungry.

Verdict - very good!  It was nice not to worry about the steak being overcooked, and I could just relax for a bit and then cook the sides.  I've never really been that good at cooking meat, but I am good at cooking veggies.

A few squares of dark chocolate for dessert. :)  Pretty good for a Wednesday.

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Brandon Jackson said...

These steaks were the best we've ever had at home bar none. Was worth the price for admission just for these. :P